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Welcome to

"We gather diverse young people in a safe space, we turn our pain into purpose, and we all become agents of social change"

-Laurie Meadoff, Founder

CityKids Speak on Liberty:

The Next Generation

Let your voice be heard!

We are excited to partner with Seva.Love and to introduce our first of many forays into Web3 technology.

The CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner, a collaboration between Keith Haring and 1000 CityKids is our NEW digital collectible !


photo: Jane Feldman

Youth Leadership is our Mission

CityKids Coalition has been in our DNA since CItyKids was founded  in 1985.

Our new Coalition is run by former CityKids and our Executive Team with the goal of gathering and empowering young leaders to take control of their narrative and assert their power and creative vision.


Miami Art Week

In partnership with the Lincoln Road BID, HVY, IMMUSE and Seva.Love, CityKids held workshops and panels, and created a large scale collaborative art project to coincide with the "Speak on Liberty" banner on display during Miami Art Week and Art Basel in December.

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Our Programs

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Local Programs

Sharpen Up

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In response to COVID-19, we collaborated with A Better Life Foundation to ensure our communities have access to food and our education program SHARPEN UP morphed to meet the need.

We now send critical groceries and teach digitally directly into the homes of our families!

Local Programs


National Programs

Keith Harring Banner Tour


Activating Social justice Across America, a six-city tour exploring how a new generation defines freedom. Community events will be based on performances and workshops teaching youth how to create safe spaces. 

Bringing CUlnnary education to.... kids

National Programs

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International Programs

Geoversity's School of Biocultural Leadership

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A collaboration with Geoversity,Campus in Panama, we are training youth alongside local and Indigenous leaders to push the boundaries of climate change activism. 

GLOBAL Programs



Founded in 1985 by Laurie Meadoff, CityKids Foundation  engages and motivates young people from diverse demographics to use their voices and positively impact their lives, their communities, and the world through leadership and the arts.


CityKids' innovative programming and projects are at the forefront in the fields of positive youth development and social-emotional learning; providing opportunities for personal growth and artistic expression. 


We help young people channel their growth into substantial social change. 

What we've Done

Since 1985, CityKids has been at the forefront of understanding what young people really need. We adapt to the current realities of youth culture and progress with community, leadership and activism. 

We have established and maintained cutting-edge youth development programs, training tens of thousands of diverse young people to be leaders and Artivist.

For over 30 years, CItykids has provided young people with safe space in an unsafe world

Media and Press


CK MAssive

Alumni Coalition

Weekly virtual meetings where CK Alumni can connect and hold space together.

 Youth Coalition 

Regular virtual and in-person gatherings where young people can connect with one another in a safe space. 

Sponsors And Partners

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Support Us

Support our programs. 

Support our youth.

Support our community.

CityKids is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.
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