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Date: 1986

Who: The amazing artist KEITH HARING

What: The largest Keith Haring masterpiece ever created

‘CityKids Speak on Liberty’


Plus You? 

1000 New York CityKids painted personal messages of what liberty meant to them. We are looking for those who participated and collect new statement on what liberty means to you today!

Were you there in 1986? We want to hear from you!  

Send email to:

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Our Story

"Liberty Is Wobbly"

"Keith Haring was drawing the outline of the banner that 1000 of us were coming to fill in our thoughts and suddenly we said...

'Yo Keith…. the arm goes the other way !! It's Crooked! Did you make a mistake?'


Keith said  'NA, that's ok…It's not crooked, It's Wobbly because sometimes Liberty is wobbly!'"


Now, more than ever, we need our voices heard as we heal democracy and liberty through our shared stories. 


Come Find Your Name 

Come Add Your Name 

Come and #FixLiberty


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