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Current Projects

Global Mental Health Task Force 

The CityKids Foundation is one of the key participants and advisors to The Global Mental Health Task Force along with the UN’s SDG, World Economic Forum, Deepak Chopra’s ‘Never Alone’ Foundation, and the Social Architects. Our mission is to promote mental wellness globally in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3. We are dedicated to building a world where mental health is prioritized, one in which we empower individuals, irrespective of location, social standing, or personal circumstances, to access necessary support services, triumph over obstacles, and embrace well-being and purpose. 

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The Problems we are Tackling Today

At CityKids we know that pain is a cross-cultural- every adolescent is "at-risk". 

Our work is to create a multi-cultural constituency across socio-economic barriers and to teach each other's languages and youth leadership skills.  Our mission is for young people to find and strengthen their individual and collective voices, develop the tools to positively impact their lives, and become leaders and motivated agents of social change. 

The result is a family being born and they move on the world together to create change. 

Homebase Program

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Coalition and Repertory

The CityKids Repertory Company (Rep) offers young artists a unique platform to harness their creativity and passion for the performing arts while fostering leadership development. Through rigorous training in various disciplines such as music, drama, dance, creative writing, and multimedia, Rep members not only hone their artistic skills but also learn the importance of using their talents to effect positive change. From thought-provoking performances to engaging workshops, Rep members strive to make a lasting impact on audiences while amplifying their voices on critical social issues.

Complementing the Rep,

the CityKids Coalition provides a dynamic space for young changemakers to come together, share ideas, and drive collective action. As a safe and inclusive forum, the Coalition facilitates meaningful discussions on a wide range of topics, from social justice and environmental sustainability to mental health and youth empowerment. Through dialogue, collaboration, and advocacy, Coalition members work towards finding innovative solutions to address pressing challenges and create a more just and equitable society.

Join us in the CityKids Repertory Company and Coalition, where art meets activism, and young voices are empowered to lead change. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our communities and the world.

Local Projects

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DJ Girls

Armed with Music, Message, and Voice

CityKids has partnered with CK Music Director DJ Cherish to assemble a cadre of 52 girls and gender-expansive from every state and territory across the U.S. who will be their state leaders and will teach/mentor others in what they have learned. State leaders will arm them as creative DJs and message leaders.


Girls and gender-expansive from ages 9-13 and 14-18 are trained in a four-week Creative Leadership Artivist Boot Camp with DJ Cherish.


Alongside their training, they create ongoing projects that broadcast every Friday on TikTok. This is a one-minute TikTok blast targeting "stop the hate and find the peace”. Their mission is to blitz social media with pure positivity.


With violence at an all-time high, now more than ever we need our youth to rise up and creatively remind everyone to put love and understanding over fear and hate.

National Projects

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During the pandemic, The CityKids Foundation was forced to pause our in-person work at The East Village Playhouse. By forming a partnership with A Better Life Foundation, our work continues virtually. Joining forces through Sharpen Up, ABLF and CityKids not only cultivated a SafeSpace/BraveSpace to learn and create, but this partnership gave young people crucial tools to live by.


Sharpen Up was a three-part online culinary education workshop that focused on kids living within the BIPOC, AAIP, and LGBTQIA communities that ABLF serves across the country to teach basic cooking techniques and healthy eating habits.


Sharpen Up featured group and one-on-one training sessions. Three grocery deliveries of ingredients were used for recipes throughout the program that were tailored to allergies, cultural sensitives, preferences, and seasonal availability. In less than a year, Sharpen UP has become essential to food literacy for youth development.

InterNational Projects

The Geo 2030 Bamboo Ark and Vela Mola Sail

Photos: Lucie Machin

In partnership with Geoversity, CityKids has produced a one-of-a-kind Vela Mola Sail for the gathering of COP 26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference that took place in Glasgow, November 2021. 

The GEO 2030 BAMBOO ARK is a global campaign for biocultural leadership and living design for sustainability in harmony with nature. Leading the charge to COP 26 were Indigenous Guna leaders from Panama Iniquilipi Chiari and Agar Iklenia Tejada who powerfully invoked a message to the community in Glosgow to “join us in growing the skills and the network of empowered activists we need to survive and create the world we want.”


Under Agar's leadership, 37 women have handsewn the largest “mola” ever created (a traditional cloth appliqué unique to the Guna people) to trailblaze COP26. The Mola Sail is a 40 square meter rendering of the Bamboo Ark’s sail as a mola made by women from GunaYala, one of the three autonomous territories in Panama of the Guna people, with densely- populated island communities imperiled by a rising sea. “For me” explains Agar, “the Mola Sail represents the origin of my people’s identity as a Guna nation. It symbolizes our deep caring of our Mother the Earth with its honoring of the sky, sun, water, earth and of all living beings. It’s the sail that unites us and moves us forward in our fight for the forests, rivers and oceans of our Mother.”

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