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Citykids Rep

At CityKids Repertory Company (Rep), we are a vibrant community of young creatives united by our passion for performing arts and our dedication to creating positive change. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate performing arts training with leadership development strategies, providing a platform for young minds to not only become outstanding performers but impactful voices for societal transformation.

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Core Principles

The CityKids Repertory Company (The Rep) combines performing arts training with the Foundation’s leadership development strategies.The Rep members are chosen through an audition process and receive free training in various art disciplines (music, drama, dance, creative writing, and multimedia), as well as technical production training.  Rep members transform their ideas on such topics as self-esteem, parent-youth relationships, violence, and discrimination, into original, issue-based poetry, drama, music, song, films, and dance.  We believe in not just developing great performers but developing great leaders who make a lasting positive impression in any scenario.

Meet The Team

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