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Our Methods

Question: What if Every Young Person Felt Safe? 

Safe in schools, safe online, safe in their communities, and safe in the world? 

Our Belief

We know that pain is cross cultural- every adolescent is "at risk".

Our Work

We create a multi-cultural constituency across socio-economic barriers and teach each other's language and youth leadership skills.

Our Results

Family is born and they move on the world together to create change.

Our Principles




A SafeSpace/BraveSpace allows young people to feel physically, mentally and emotionally safe and also encourages them to bravely share, grow, learn, teach and reflect in an authentic and vulnerable way. SafeSpace/BraveSpace is at the core of all CityKids' workshops and events.

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Youth- to-Youth Communication

Adult mentors act as key resources, providing tools, support, and opportunities for young people to teach and learn from their peers. The young people at CityKids study a diverse range of national and global issues and are in the best position to encourage change and growth in each other.

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Multi- Cultural Bridge Building

Young people from different backgrounds gather and engage in honest dialogue. Boundaries are crossed and dismantled while doors to understanding, common dreams, values and possibilities are opened. The inclusive culture of CityKids not only raises awareness and counteracts bias, but it also expand its outreach.


Leadership Development

CityKids understand that all young people have the potential to be change-makers. Through CityKids programs, young people receive the tools necessary to be powerful voices of leadership within their community. “Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One, Each One Bring One Into the Sun.”



CityKids utilizes the arts as a form of activism. Closely collaborating with renowned performing and visual artists, young people create powerful performance events that tackle relevant issues, create community, and inspire reflective conversations.

Our Process

We monitor progress, offer support through our trained staff, and partner with like-minded organizations when necessary; leading CityKids members to: 

  • Gain self-esteem and set high goals for themselves artistically, academically and in other areas of their lives

  • Develop an array of life and leadership skills including: verbal and written communication, active listening, critical thinking, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, planning, time management, organization and position perspective

  • Develop pre-professional skills in the performing arts and expanding their cultural awareness

  • Broaden their understanding of social justice issues and become a part of the solutions to problems in their communities

  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and advance on schedule to the next grade in school

  • Serve as positive role models and mentors for their younger peers and for their communities

  • Take on leadership roles within the organization 


Our Programs

CityKids Coalition

Peer Leadership Training

Safe Space Training

Conflict Resolution 

Community Organizing

CityKids Repertory Company

Communication Skills

Theater Arts Training:

Writing, Acting, Music, Dance, Performance, Spoken word, Choreography, Creation of Original Material

CityKids Speak Events


Media/Social Networking



Capacity Building



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